Effortless start with online induction

Deliver content you want to service provider and we will set up your induction online. We can also help your company to produce and develop content. It is totally up to you.
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Available where ever and when ever

Share direct link to your company induction with the stakeholders you want and they can choose when and where to do the induction. Only internet connection and laptop, tablet or smart phone are needed.
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Easy documentation - up-to-date records

Your company and the person completing induction receive certificate automatically after each completed induction session. Every accomplished induction is recorded to database where you can search information about every person who has completed your company induction.
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Company style and values


Induction material can reflect the visual look and the values of your company. Induction is available at It is possible to protect your induction material with a password. We ensure always that the content of your online induction is in compliance with local legislation and your company policy.

Targeted content


The induction can be modified to meet the need of different stakeholders. E.g. a briefer presentation for the visitors to meet the basic information about the workplace and more detailed induction content could be beneficial to go through by the people carrying out independent work on site.



Induction material can contain videos, photos, pictures and text. Our goal is to build induction material that is educational and fun to go through.


Select language


Multilingual if needed - no language barriers.
Ensure your company message and values reach everyone arriving your workplace.

Ensure competence with a test


With a test you can ensure your company safety message and values reach everyone at the end of the induction.

Record qualifications


The user can provide information about valid certificates and qualifications through the service. The information is always in your use from the database when needed.