Every construction site must provide a site-specific orientation training. Now site inductions are online and inductees will get their certificate right away.

Let Opastus.fi service assist with the  contractor and visitor inductions. Orientation training can be done anywhere, anytime. Opastus.fi will keep up-to-date records about trainings.

Who would provide the site induction for the drivers and instruct them? Do you know who already had the site induction - no idea? Sounds familiar? With Opastus.fi, you can guide drivers to the right destination and train them with the operating instructions and company policies, if necessary in several languages.

Älypuhelin kädessä.


Customer area

Customer area provides summary of the induction records. Customer dedicated address can be displayed in format: opastus.fi/company_name. This provides easy access and it's easy to share with different stakeholders.

Password protection

Protect induction materials with a password or provide free access


Verify inductions with tests. All records are maintained in a database.


Use videos in addition to text and pictures with your inductions.

Multi language

Possibility to have multiple languages for the inductions


Email notifications and certificates for the inductees and induction owners 


Results are stored in a database which makes reporting and analytics possible


Service works with laptop, tablet or phone

Truck ready to leave from the warehouse.


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